Insuring Vestments and the Fabric Contents of your Church

If you have not already done so, I would highly recommend that you check your church's insurance policy and make sure that your vestments are covered in case of disaster. Also check your homeowner's insurance (and have your subdeacons and deacons do the same if they take their vestments home) to make sure your vestments are covered when you store them at home. Below I have put together a Master List of Vestments that might help you take inventory in your church to ensure that all of the items in your church/home are covered:

  1. Cassocks
  2. Exorasa
  3. Kalimafkia (clerical hats)
  4. Priest's vestments
  5. Deacon's vestments
  6. Subdeacon's vestments
  7. Chalice veil sets (if separate from vestment sets)
  8. Epitaphios
  9. Processional banners and/or icons
  10. Altar cloths, proskomedia table covers, analogian covers, etc.
  11. Altar boy robes (this is what most churches usually forget) and oraria if used
  12. Baptismal font covers (if you have one)
  13. Baptismal gowns (if you keep one for parish use)
  14. Communion cloths and ileton