Krista West Vestments

Pectoral Crosses and Accessories

I am pleased to offer a wide selection of pectoral crosses and and cufflinks. For pectoral crosses, you have your choice of the 3.5" cassock size which is designed to be worn with cassocks, or the more ornate 6-7" size which is designed to be worn with vestments. Both styles make wonderful gifts, either upon ordination, elevation, or feastdays and Christmas.

Cufflinks are a nice addition to a priest's wardrobe, especially if he wears French cuff shirts with his cassock for feastdays or formal events. Signet rings with Byzantine designs are a unique item I discovered on my last trip to Greece. Not reserved for clergy, these are an excellent item for any man and make a beautiful gift.

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all pectoral crosses and accessories. If you receive the item and are not completely happy, you may return it for a full refund. I work with several manufacturers in Greece, so if you're looking for something in either a particular style or a specific budget, please inquire. All pectoral cross prices include chain and either fiberboard box (cassock size) or presentation box (vestment size).

Cassock Size Crosses

My cassock size crosses are made by a family firm in Athens that specializes in reproductions. Each cassock cross is either gold- or silver-plated brass and comes with a chain and the chain loop that can customize the fit (you can easily move the loop with pliers). All prices include shipping via US Priority Mail.
Cassock Size Cross
Early Byzantine cabuchon cross, $160
Cassock Size Cross
St George cross, 11th cent design, gold $160
Cassock Size Cross
St George cross, 11th cent design, silver $160
Cassock Size Cross
Reliquary (non-functioning) cross, silver $170

Vestment Size Crosses

I only purchase vestment size crosses in person when I am in Greece so I can determine the quality of the workmanship, so my stock varies. If you are interested in vestment size crosses, please email me at


Cufflinks make a great gift for the "priest who has everything" and come in a variety of styles. My stock changes regularly, below is a sampling of what I typically have in stock. Please email me at and I will email you photos of which designs I have in stock for immediate shipment.
C1 cufflink
C3 cufflink
C5 cufflink
C6 cufflink
C7 cufflink