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Altar Cloths and Paraments

One of my specialities are Altar Cloths and Paraments (cloths for tables and other church furniture). I can make almost any kind of altar cloth, from a basic cloth for a mission to an entire set of cloths for a large church. When outfitting an Orthodox Christian Church, the first place to begin is with the Holy Table (altar). The Holy Table should be the most resplendently-ornamented piece of furniture in the entire church, but since different communities have different budgets, I offer various options. Prices are based upon a 42" x 42" Holy Table. The photos below show a small sampling of my work; references are available upon request.

Altar Cloths:

Fully-dressed altar cloth $1200 and up

The fully-dressed altar cloth is the most elaborate altar covering and is comprised of a bottom cloth which is fitted to the altar with buttons and loops at the sides and then a separate top cloth finished with fringe placed over it. Prices vary widely depending on the size of the altar and the fabric chosen, but range from $1200 to $3500. Fabrics can be velvet or brocade (either standard brocade or real metal brocade). Custom-embroidered velvet altar cloths are available (see photos below).

Altar cloth, top only, standard brocade, $305 and up
Altar cloth, top only, real metal brocade $505 and up

The top only altar cloth is the most common type of altar covering used in North America, especially among the Greek and Antiochian jurisdictions (the OCA uses the fully-dressed altar more often), and is excellent when the holy table has some kind of decoration that needs to remain visible (carving, iconography, or mosaic). These cloths can be made from standard brocade or real metal brocade.

Eiliton, 100% linen finished with crochet trim, $150 and up

The eiliton (not to be confused with the "ileton" double-sided satin cover for the antimension; they share the same name, but I use different spellings to denote the difference; you can purchase the antiminsion cover on the Church Goods page), this is a linen top-cloth to go over the brocade holy table cloth. It is made of fine linen and finished with a narrow cotton crochet edging. It is designed to sit on top of the altar with only the edging hanging down slightly. Much more traditional and beautiful than either plastic or glass to top an altar, it also can catch wax drips, which are then easily removed from the eiliton.

Chalice Veil Sets:

Chalice veil set, standard brocade $235
Chalice veil set, real metal brocade $285
Chalice veil set, embroidered velvet (various designs) $395

Auxiliary Cloths, Icon Stand Covers, etc.:

Once the holy table is adorned, you may also need auxiliary table covers (such as the Proskomedia table, Memorial table, or tables used for blessed bread, etc.), proskynitaria (icon stand covers; also known as analogia covers), Gospel Covers, Gospel markers, and Chalice Veil sets. I offer a wide variety of options and fabrics. No job is too small or too large, so if you are considering adorning your church, please contact me for swatches, pricing, and various options. Here are a few of my standard offerings:

Proskomedia or memorial table, standard brocade $225
Proskomedia or memorial table, real metal brocade $275
Small icon stand cover 16" x 40", standard brocade $145
Small icon stand cover 16" x 40", real metal brocade $175
Large icon stand cover 18" x 72", standard brocade $220
Large icon stand cover 18" x 72", real metal brocade $275
Gospel cover, 24" x 24", standard brocade $105
Gospel cover, 24" x 24", real metal brocade $135
Gospel cover 24" x 36", standard brocade $145
Gospel cover 24" x 36", real metal brocade $165


Curtains: I offer curtains for both the Beautiful Gate (Royal Door) and the Deacon's Doors, as well as any other windows needing coverage (see photo below). These are typically made in burgundy velvet with the amount of embroidery depending on your budget. The simplest curtains have a cross applique sewn to the center; the most elaborate have an embroidery design of a cross with an arch and a border embroidery at the bottom hem. All curtains are finished with drapery crinoline along the top edge so that you can use drapery pins to attach them to your preferred drapery hardware. Due to the wide variety of sizes, prices vary, beginning at $400/curtain. Please inquire if you are interested in pricing and designs.


This is a very historic style of parament, typically placed under icons carried in processions and eventually becoming permanent pieces hanging under icons installed in churches (podea are frequently seen in churches in Greece). They are a rectangle or square of brocade, finished with galloon around the perimeter, and then hung on 3/8" steel curtain rods under icons either on an iconostasis or on the sides of a church. Prices vary depending on size, beginning at $135/each. These can be a wonderful way of economically ornamenting an undecorated iconostasis, especially in missions (see photo below of St Paul's Mission).

Podea 24"x24" (approx), standard brocade $125
Podea 24" x 24" (approx), real metal brocade $155

To Order Custom Altar Cloths:

1. Please email me with the measurements of the tables/furniture you would like cloths made for. I will need to know the width and depth and the height if you want fully-dressed style of cloths.

2. Once I have your measurements, I can send out either a physical swatch packet or email you swatches. Once I have your fabric choice and measurements, I will be able to give you a final price quote and email you an invoice and payment instructions. My usual terms are 50% deposit via check or credit card and the balance due upon delivery. All prices include shipping.

Iconostasis with podea
Iconostasis with podea
Narthex with podea (wall-mounted altar cloths)
Narthex with podea (wall-mounted altar cloths)
Alexandria white, green, gold, fully-dressed, altar, Holy Spirit Orthodox Church, Huntington, WV
Alexandria White, Green, Gold Proskynitarion Cover
Alexandria White, Green, Gold Proskynitarion Cover
St George Southgate Mi Blue Velvet
St George, Southgate Mi Blue Velvet Proskynitaria
St George Southgate Mi Blue Velvet Embroidered Altar Cloth
St George Southgate Mi Blue Velvet Embroidered Altar Cloth
St Michael Alaska
St Michael Alaska
St Vladimirs Seminary Chapel Ravenna Blue
St Vladimirs Seminary Chapel Ravenna Blue
altar cloth
Holy Trinity, Santa Fe fully-dressed burgundy velvet altar cloth, floral design
altar cloth
Beautiful Gate curtain with over arch

Eiliton front view

Eiliton side view


Floral Chalice Veil Set

Floral Chalice Veil Set

Floral Chalice Veil Set

Grapevine Chalice Veil Set

Design 810 chalice veil set

Grapevine fully-dressed altar
Grapevine fully-dressed altar