Krista West Vestments

Cassocks, Exorassa, & Kontorassa (Clergy Vests)

All of my cassocks and exorassa are custom-tailored. I offer a wide range of fabrics so that you can have a garment suitable for any situation or weather and am happy to help you choose which fabric meets your needs best.

Cassocks (also known as inner cassock, zostikon, or anterri) come with reversible fronts, drawstring belt, fully-functioning button cuffs, decorative stitching on fronts and cuffs, and hip pockets with pass-through (you can access your pants pocket through a slit in the back of the hip pocket). Chest pockets have a cellphone/pen pocket. You have your choice of cross-over or mandarin collar (see photos below). Delivery on cassocks is usually 4-6 weeks. Additional cassock options are shown at the bottom of this page.

Exorassa (also known as outer cassock, rassa, jibbee, or rhiassa) come with lined fronts and sleeves, and mandarin collar finished with silk knot button. Delivery on exorassa is usually 4-6 weeks;.

Kontorassa (clergy vests) are available in standard sizes (M, L, XL, XXL, & XXXL) for immediate shipment and can also be custom-tailored if needed (please allow 2-4 weeks).

Rush service is available on cassocks and exorassa; please email me for details if this is needed so I can make sure I can meet your deadline.

When ordering cassocks, exorassa, and/or vests:

Please complete the Measuring form on the Measuring tab and email it to me at If you have any questions, concerns or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact me as I want you completely satisfied with your custom-tailored garment! All garments are 100% guaranteed and any alterations or fine-tuning you might need after receiving the garment is done at no charge within the first 90 days. Prices include shipping via UPS Ground or Priority Mail (whichever is fastest to your area).


Performance fabric (100% wicking polyester, machine washable, lightweight, great for everyday wear; black only) $460

Maroken (100% polyester, machine-washable, lightweight, great for every day wear; black, navy or pewter gray) $460

Tropical-weight wool (98% wool, 2% lycra, dry clean only, great for dressy wear; black or navy) $490

True silk crepe (100% silk crepe, dry clean only, great for dressy wear; black or navy) $715

Deluxe upgrade(extra decorative stitching and satin cuffs; mandarin collar)$50


Performance fabric with self fabric linings, $460

Maroken with self fabric linings $460

Tropical-weight wool with true silk crepe linings $510

True silk crepe with true silk crepe linings $665

Kontorassa/Clergy Vests:

Performance fabric, unlined $160 including shipping

Tropical-weight wool, lined $195 including shipping

Cassock Collar Style Options:

Cross-over collar style
Cross-over collar style
Mandarin collar style (shown with Deluxe stiching upgrade)

Cassocks & Exorassa:

Black performance zostikon with cross-over collar
Black performance zostikon with cross-over collar
Navy wool zostikon with charcoal stitching (Deluxe option shown)
Performance Exorason
Performance exorason
Wool exorason

Cassock Options

My cassocks typically have a drawstring casing and belts, but if you prefer, I can leave off the belts and gather up the casing with elastic instead. This provides a cleaner line along the front of the garment which is preferred by some clergy. I can also change the decorative stitching thread color, for example, using charcoal gray thread on black or navy fabrics (gray and navy cassocks come finished with black thread unless you specify otherwise). If you have a special request, please let me know.