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Baptismal Robes

Baptismal robes are available for infants, children, and adults. Each robe is made of white poly-cotton poplin and finished with a metallic galloon neck placket, gold rayon cross sewn onto back, serged side seams and hemmed sleeves and hems. The robes are designed to fit very roomy, especially the adult sizes as the robe can be kept as a burial shroud.


Infants: sizes are 0-6 months or 6-12 months
Childrens: sizes must be custom-ordered (allow 2-4 weeks)
Womens: one standard size to fit a height of 5' to 5'6" and a chest of up to 52"
Mens: one standard size to fit a height of 5'7" to 6'2" and a chest of up to 52"

Prices (includes shipping via Priority Mail):

Infants $75
Child $85
Adults $105
Rush Service: please add $35/robe for rush orders with expedited shipping.

To place an order for a baptismal robe:

Please use the Place an Order tab and put the size(s) needed in the Special Instructions box. All sizes with the exception of childrens' sizes are in stock and can be shipped within one week of ordering.

Use of Robes for Adult Baptisms

I have had several clients ask for information regarding the use of baptismal robes for adult baptisms. In response to this, here is the procedure we follow at my parish.

The catechumen wears light-colored, comfortable clothing (slacks and shirt for men, pants and blouse for women-skirts are not advisable since they tend to float) to go into the font. When he comes out of the font, the sponsor has a white, terry- cloth robe to cover him. The newly-baptized wears this terry-cloth robe during the chrismation, ablution and tonsure after which the priest recites the prayer of blessing over the baptismal garment while blessing the folded baptismal robe. The newly- illumined then exits to change into white dress clothes (whatever he will wear to the reception) and puts the baptismal robe over these dress clothes, wearing it for the remainder of the service.

We have found several advantages to this method: first, the terry cloth robe is much more modest than a mere bath towel and second, since the baptismal robe does not go into the font, there is no necessity for laundering the robe (which is not recommended for garments which have been submerged in holy water and oil). Thus the robe is ready for the newly-illumined to wear it over his street clothes for the next Sunday Liturgy (and however many subsequent Sundays it is worn according to your own local custom).