Church Goods

To order church goods, please use the Place an Order tab and use the Special Instructions box to tell me what you would like to order.

Pricing (includes shipping via US Priority Mail):

The ileton is the cover for the antiminsion. Made from two layers of burgundy satin so that the particles will easily brush off. Please specify jurisdiction when ordering (GOA, Antiochian, OCA, etc.). Price $40

Communion cloths (“kalimata”)
My communion cloths are made from a very absorbent, wine-colored 100% cotton with a gold cross hand embroidered in one corner. 19.5” x 19.5”. Price $15/each.

Gospel Markers
Velvet Gospel markers with embroidery and finished with fringe. Price $65/each. Colors available: burgundy, blue, green, white, black, gold (non-velvet)

Gospel Marker

Gospel Marker

Ileton and Communion Cloth

Ileton and Communion Cloth

Liturgical Spears
Liturgical spear in various sizes with wood-burned design on handle and leather cover (no cover for small size). Very sharp blade! Small $60, Medium $75, Large $125, X-Large $195

Liturgical spear

Sacrament Bottles
Wide-mouthed, pharmaceutical-grade amber bottles that fit in communion kits. Also work well for distributing holy oil. Price $1 (no shipping if added to order)

Prosphora Bag
Machine-embroidered cotton, envelope-style bag for transporting prosphora. $25/each. Designs vary.
Prosphora bag

Consecration Items
The Savanon is the linen garment worn by the bishop over his vestments to protect his vestments during a consecration. Traditionally, it is cut up and distributed to the faithful after the Divine Liturgy as a memento of the consecration. Price $160

The Katasarkion is the 100% linen, “baptismal garment” of the holy table and is installed at the time of consecration and never removed. It hangs over the edges of the holy table by 4-5 inches and is finished with a drawstring casing and cording to tie it to the holy table. Prices vary on size of holy table, beginning at $160 for a 42-inch by 42-inch holy table.

For either the Savanon or Katasarkion, please contact me via email ( to place an order and allow 2-6 weeks.

Vestment Covers
Every set of vestments I make comes with a complimentary vestment cover, which is a 38-inch square of heavy poplin hemmed and finished with a ribbon in one corner. Additional covers may be purchased with color-coded ribbons. Price $20/each (no shipping if added to another order)

Visitation Epitrachelia
I offer a wide variety of brocades and colors of this very useful item. I recommend that every priest has a visitation epitrachelion in his collection in case of loss or theft (I have had several clients who have used an epitrachelion from a vestment set for visitations and their car has been broken into and the epitrachelion stolen, thus depriving them of an entire set of vestments just becasue the epitrachelion was stolen). All visitation epitrachelia come with a storage bag and are $235/each. They make an excellent gift!

Antiodoron bags
Cotton, machine-embroidered bag for transporting antidoron.
Price: $10/each(designs vary)