Here are a few examples of the custom-designed, hand-embroidered epitaphios that I offer. These consist of a hand-embroidered ground fabric which I then interface and line for a high-quality piece that will serve many, many years. I can add a casing to the back of the lining if you wish to hang the epitaphios in a case or frame throughout the year. The embroidery on these pieces is museum quality, metal thread embroidery and can be finished with pearlwork if desired (additional charges apply). All figures are embroidered and there is no inferior-quality paper iconography used anywhere.

Because these items are hand-embroidered, please allow 2-4 months. If you have a different design you would like made, please inquire as I can often accommodate custom designs.

Estimated prices for the standard design:

Small size (24 x 36 inches) $2400
Medium size (30 x 42 inches) $3000
Large Size (36 x 48 inches) $3800

Shipping via UPS Ground with "high value" insurance, $50

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Hand-embroidered, metal thread epitaphios (standard design)

Single-figure Epitaphios

Hand-embroidered, single-figure epitaphios