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Deacon's Vestments

My deacon's vestments are available in many brocade, color, and style options. Greek-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion, Greek-style orarion (orarion that loops over hip), and cuffs that are custom-tailored to fit correctly and not "spin". Russian-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion with galloon "bib", Russian-style orarion (orarion that does not loop over hip) and cuffs. All vestments are custom-tailored and come with a complimentary vestment cover for storage and travel. Most brocades shown here are available in other colors (for example, if you like the Antioch white/gold, it also comes in red/gold, green/gold, blue/gold, purple/gold, burgundy/gold, and solid white). If you would like a physical swatch packet or are interested in additional brocade options, please email me at Most vestments are completed and shipped via UPS Ground within 4-6 weeks. If you have an ordination or other fixed deadline, please let me know as I can usually accommodate this.

Deacon's Vestments (includes shipping via UPS Ground):

Deacon's vestments, Standard Brocade, Greek or Russian style $1220
Deacon's vestments, Real Metal Brocade, Greek or Russian style $1470
Deacon's vestments, Lightweight embroidered, Greek or Russian style $1220
Deacon's vestments, Woven, Greek or Russian style $970

Specialty orarion pricing on photo page

To order vestments:

Please complete measuring form on the Measuring tab and email it to me at Then simply click on the Add to Cart button to add the particular type of vestments you would like. The form will prompt you for additional details such as Greek or Russian style, brocade choice, and color choice. Please do not hesitate to contact me about with any question--no detail is too small! I will confirm your order via email and provide a projected completion date.

Rental Deacon's Vestments Program