Priest's Vestments, Woven

Woven vestments are a less expensive, yet high-quality vestment which still follow a traditional Orthodox aesthetic.As can be seen in the photos, there are no extra crosses sewn onto the garment pieces since there are already crosses woven into the design. This is a very historical-looking fabric--not only economical, they have a historic beauty and will bring glory to any service.The galloon is woven with a design that matches the fabric. The phelonion is unlined, but all other pieces are interfaced and lined for durability. Colors available: white/red, white/blue, white/green, white/purple, white/burgundy, yellow/red, yellow/blue

Prices: Priest's set (phelonion, epitrachelion, zone & cuffs), $590
Sticharion $225
Nabeddrenik or epigonation $115/each
Chalice veil set $195

Woven white-red, front view
Woven white-red front view
Woven white-red, back view
Woven white-red back view
Woven white-green, front view
Woven white-green front view
Woven white-green, back view
Woven white-green back view
Woven white-blue, front view
Woven white-blue front view
Woven white-blue, back view
Woven white-blue back view
Woven white-gold, front view
Woven white-gold front view
Woven white-gold, back view
Woven white-gold back view
Woven white-burgundy, front view
Woven white-burgundy front view
Woven white-burgundy, back view
Woven white-burgundy back view